The highest quality medical services to support patient recovery

Arcadia Health Care Hospital Services Offering

Arcadia Health Care hospitals will offer high quality medical services to support patient recovery within a friendly, community-oriented and caring environment that liaises closely with all medical and allied health professionals and GPs.

In each hospital our nursing care model is matched with each patient’s recovery and treatment programme as prescribed by their doctors. By tailoring our care model to each patient’s treatment programme we strive to optimise each patient’s health outcome from their hospital stay.

Arcadia Health Care’s vision for providing a new benchmark in rehabilitation and medical hospital care is built upon the following foundations:

Focus on Patient Care & Innovative Treatments

  • Provide doctors and nurses with the service, support and environment they need to maximise patient outcomes.
  • Embrace a range of holistic treatments and personalised recovery activities.
  • Provide dedicated patient activity spaces for patients to maximise out of bed recovery time.
  • Provide group participation events to encourage patients to socialise.

Superior Hotel Style Amenities

  • Spacious, ergonomic accommodation akin to a quality hotel room.
  • Welcoming feel of patient’s rooms for family and friends.
  • Discrete high tech room inclusions for entertainment and connectivity.
  • Guaranteed private room and en suite bathroom – for patient dignity and privacy.
  • Chef prepared, dietician planned menus.

Purpose Built Hospitals

  • Designed for holistic care and recovery.
  • World class rehabilitation facilities: hydrotherapy, in-ward gyms, activities rooms, open air garden space, wellness centres.
  • Best practice operational workflows for the comfort, privacy and safety of patients.
  • Fully integrated hospital management systems: HIS, PAS, with in room patient access to treatment programmes and menu selections.

A Partnering Approach: Experience & Relationships

  • Proven management team with a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare.
  • Highly trained and expert nursing teams, dedicated to the Arcadia Health Care nursing care vision.
  • Strong relationships with doctors and allied health networks for patient focused outcomes.

Positive Healthcare Outcomes

  • Return patients to their normal, independent lives with individualised treatment plans.
  • Contribute to the local community through collaboration, communication and education.
  • Reduce overall community healthcare costs through preventative care.